Assorted NYC Cookies

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Chunky cookies with a crispy shell and a soft gooey centre, packed with oozy chocolate chips. These NYC style cookies are mouthwateringly decadent and impossible to resist.  Each box comes with one of each of the following flavours: 

Chocolate Chip - Our take on the classic, we use a mix of dark and milk chocolate chips for a rich and decadent experience. 

Birthday Cake - White chocolate chips, sprinkles and vanilla make this cookie a truly nostalgic treat. 

Ferrero Rocher - These cookies are studded with roasted hazelnuts and double chocolate chips and of course they have a melty Nutella centre and are rolled in wafer pieces for a crunchy exterior. 

Lotus Biscoff - Everyone's favourite spread made in cookie form. This cookie is packed with speculoos crumbs and filled with Biscoff spread. 

Double Chocolate dense, chewy and dangerously rich. Crafted with white and dark chocolate chips, these cookies are sure to satisfy even the biggest chocoholic.

Raspberry White Chocolate - Studded with sweet white chocolate, contrasted by tart and flavour packed freeze dried raspberries . 

Assorted NYC Cookies - Staij & Co.
Assorted NYC Cookies - Staij & Co.
Assorted NYC Cookies - Staij & Co.
Assorted NYC Cookies - Staij & Co.

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